Paraffin Wax – 1 lb


Paraffin wax is used in heat therapy to decrease joint stiffness, increase blood flow and relax muscles. We sell unscented paraffin wax blocks in 1 pound sizes (454 grams). We can also offer them in rose, milk, lemon and lavender flavours.

Paraffin wax is designed to be used in all paraffin units and assist with providing heat therapy to the hands, wrists, ankles, or feet. The paraffin blocks are heated in a paraffin bath and help treat patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and joint stiffness. They can also decrease muscle spams, increase blood flow and aid in reducing muscle inflammation.

They come in 1 lb block sizes and melt at between 56-58C. We offer unscented options for now, but will be able to offer different scents in the near future.


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