Conforming Bandage


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Conforming Bandages, sometimes known as elastic gauze or PBT bandages, are the ideal bandages for dressing wounds or wrapping around wounds to provide light compression. They’re elastic, have knitted edges and are softer than traditional gauze bandages. Gauze bandages are usually 100% cotton but this makes it inelastic and unable to fully conform to the curves of the body. These bandages provide elasticity by way of viscose, a semi synthetic material made from cellulose. These bandages are 45% viscose and 55% cotton by weight. These bandages can also extend to 150% of their original length.

While traditionally for wounds, they’re also used to prevent cauliflower ears in a number of contact sports such as rugby. While scrum caps are a new addition to the rugby field, in the past, players would wrap a bandage around the forehead and cover the ears.

These conforming bandages are available in pouches of 12 and are available in 3 sizes. They’re bleached, sterile and have a shelf life of 5 years.

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While these bandages are used for light compression, alternative compressive bandages such as cohesive/self adhering bandages would be a better fit in sport environments. Alternatively, elastic adhesive bandages or even high elastic bandages would work however the elastic adhesive bandages would need an underwrap while the high elastic bandages need clips or tape to keep them affixed.


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